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Signs, Causes, and Effective Gum Disease Treatments for a Healthy Smile

A dangerous oral condition known as gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, develops when an infection spreads to the ligaments and bones supporting the teeth. If gum disease is not treated, it can spread throughout the mouth, throat, and possibly even into your bloodstream. Teeth may eventually become loose and fall out as gum disease worsens and more bone is lost.


Gingivitis is a very common gum inflammation that is typically brought on by plaque accumulation on the teeth or bacterial infections. If untreated, it can develop into gum disease, which can have more detrimental effects and be more difficult to treat. Red, swollen gums that bleed readily when you brush your teeth are indicators of gum disease. Additional indicators are composed of:

● Gum tenderness

● Bad breath

● Swollen gums

● Receding gums

Regular visits to a dentist are crucial because gum disease can exist without any symptoms or indicators being apparent. Making an appointment with your dentist is the only way to find out if you have gum disease. After reviewing your symptoms, they can accurately diagnose you and provide you with a recommended course of treatment.


The most common cause of gum disease is untreated gingivitis. Other causes and risk factors for developing gum disease include:

● Poor oral hygiene

● Use of tobacco products

● Cavities

● Oral trauma

● Dry mouth

● Certain diseases, like diabetes

● Aging

● Unhealthy diet

● Drug use


Maintaining good dental hygiene is essential to stopping the progression of gingivitis into gum disease. Do not forget to brush twice a day to get rid of plaque and any food stains. To get rid of any buildup between your teeth, floss once a day. Maintaining dental health can also be substantially enhanced by getting professional cleanings from your dentist every three to six months. You can ask your dentist for recommendations on a good toothbrush and mouthwash to use.

Beyond professional cleaning, treatments for gum disease include:

● Scaling and root planing

● Flap surgery/pocket reduction surgery

● Bone grafts

● Soft tissue grafts

● Guided tissue regeneration

● Bone surgery

There are many different types of treatment for periodontal disease, and they are all intended to keep the gums from becoming infected and, in the event that they have already, to heal them from illness and infection. The best course of action for you will depend on the disease's stage, your general health, and any past treatment responses you may have had.

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