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Technology And Tools In The Dental Industry

Dental instruments can be intimidating, but fear not! While they may appear scary it’s because many patients don’t know their purpose. As science evolves so do dental instruments. Over time new tools and technology are created leading to more positive patient experiences at the dentist. Let’s talk about the tools used in the dental industry!

What Are The Most Common Dental Instruments?

  • Air Water Syringe: small thin tube that allows for the flow of air and water
  • Cotton Forceps :a long metal tweezer with two angled ends
  • Dental Drill: small angled metal tool that rotates at high speeds
  • Extracting Forceps: a metal tool held by handles with two beaks that come together by a hinge
  • Periodontal Probe: straight thin tool with an angled blunt end
  • Saliva Ejector: small thin tube attached to a small a vacuum
  • Sickle Probe: long thin handled tool with a pointed hook
  • Spoon Excavator: thin mental tool with a small flat rounded end
  • Suction Device: long tube attached to a small vacuum
  • Molds: a small tray filled with liquid that solidifies into a replica of your mouth
  • Mouth Mirror: small round angled mirror
  • Ultrasonic Scaler: small machine with a small water jet tip on the hand-piece

While these names seem intimidating, it is just their technical terms. Now let’s break this down and find out their purposes!

How Do These Instruments Help Me?

  • Air Water Syringe: injects water or air into mouth/ oral cavity to clean or rinse fluid and debris out
  • Cotton Forceps: transfers material, such as cotton, into and out of the mouth as needed
  • Dental Drill: removes tooth decay to prepare for a filling
  • Extracting Forceps: helps pull tooth from its’ oral cavity
  • Periodontal Probe: measures how deep a tooth pocket is
  • Periodontal Scaler: removes plaque and tartar from surface of tooth and gum line
  • Saliva Ejector: removes saliva and water from the mouth, small and can be left in mouth
  • Sickle Probe: used to examine tooth surface, feeling for tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease
  • Spoon Excavator: removes decay and debris from oral cavity, and can reshape fillings
  • Suction Device: removes saliva, water, and tooth debris from the mouth, more powerful than saliva ejector
  • Molds: takes an impression of your teeth for a crown, retainer, dentures, or Invisalign
  • Mouth Mirror: used to see hard-to-view areas, such as the back of the teeth
  • Ultrasonic Scaler: vibration of water breaks up plaque and tartar, is an alternative to periodontal scaler

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